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Mentor, Advisor, and Judge

R3 Corda - DLT - Blockchain Sivia Mogas Web3 Marketing
Startupbootcamp DeFi Fintech Sivia Mogas Web3 Marketing
Newchip Sivia Mogas Web3 Marketing
Stanford University - Sivia Mogas Web3 Marketing

Some startups I collaborated with:

➡️ Memory Gardens → Your personalized forever gallery in the metaverse.

➡️ SOON.APP → Soon provides consumers with fully automated crypto investing without the stress of speculating

➡️ BHOUT → BHOUT merged Fitness and Gaming, creating the first Boxing Bag with a brain by combining 3D Computer Vision and AI, where players unlock new levels, collect badges, and earn $JABs on a sweat-to-earn model.

➡️ Wikipoint → The B2B platform that brings your company into the Metaverse to boost the lead generation

➡️ → Materia is a space for the fine art community and the next generation of art and NFT collectors; a platform to develop, exhibit, access, sell, and collect NFTs.

➡️ Coadjute → Coadjute is improving the property transaction process, end-to-end. Giving you everything you need to provide a better, faster, and more transparent experience.

➡️ Campy →Helping them on introducing a Web3 loyalty program.

➡️ Curious → Curious is the world's first game-based learning approach to teaching sex education.

➡️ Weddily → is streamlining the notoriously complex wedding and event booking process.

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