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Web3 & Aviation: The Power of Customer Retention

Revolutionizing Loyalty Programs in the Digital Age

🔒 Loyalty programs have always been important for building customer relationships and fostering loyalty. But now, with Web3 technology, these programs are reaching new heights by combining traditional approaches with the endless possibilities of blockchain. ⛓️

In marketing, we all know that retaining a customer is way better than finding a new one. So, let's explore some fascinating examples of loyalty programs that have embraced Web3 technology and are doing mind-blowing things. ☕️✈️

I think I talk about this Loyalty plan publically way too much, but for me, it was a game changer:

Starbucks Odyssey is the digital experience available to select Starbucks Rewards loyalty program members where they can access the Site, immerse in coffee heritage, earn points that unlock special experiential opportunities and benefits, and have the opportunity to purchase and collect non-fungible digital tokens that provide access to certain graphical, audio, video or digital entertainment content. Tokens, together with the content that is part of, associated with, or linked to those Tokens, are referred to herein as “Stamps”. Recently they have announced a new drop, check it out here.

As a former air hostess of Iberia Regional, Air Nostrum, and a travel industry enthusiast, always I have an eye on what the industry is doing and there is some cool stuff too! ✈️🌍

Etihad Airways, 'Horizon Club' Web3 Loyalty Program allows 'Staking-for-Miles', the holders of the NFTs become part of the Etihad Horizon Club and start earning miles. Holding the NFTs offers exclusive advantages to its 300 owners, such as access to the VIP lounge at Abu Dhabi airport or a personalized membership card for online use and on the Etihad company app. 🌟🛫 They even have a dedicated NFT Twitter account (@etihadNFT) and Discord channel (

airBaltic, released a loyalty program, airBaltic Club, by releasing 10,000 NFTs, called Planies. Owners of Planies will be able to receive airBaltic Club points and other benefits, even if traveling occasionally. 🎉✈️

Qantas was the second Airline to Announce an NFT Drop. Each digital asset will be unique and can be bought, owned, sold, or collected. The objective is to engage the next generation of aviation and digital art enthusiasts, leveraging blockchain technology to celebrate the Latvian heritage and future. The NFTs were released using net-zero emissions on low-carbon platforms and using carbon offsetting. 🌏💚

The last one is Avionex, it is not an airline, but it has come up with an innovative concept called the LootBox. It's like a treasure chest in the form of an NFT, designed specifically for airline companies. Inside this virtual treasure chest, you'll find bonus gift NFTs across various categories, rewarding customer loyalty and adding a fun, interactive element to the journey. It's like unlocking surprises at every step! 🎁🔓✨

Another Web3 cases in the aviation industry the argentinian Airline Issues Every Ticket as an NFT. It is called Ticket 3.0. The NFT ticketing technology, built on the Algorand blockchain, allows passengers to change their name, transfer, or sell their "NFTickets" independently. Offers a more flexible travel experience that allows passengers to even buy in advance without having to define their travel plans or who the travelers will be. In return, the airline is able to reduce customer service costs and increase its revenue from trading fees. 🎫💸

All Nippon Airways, Japan's Largest Airline, Launched the NFT Marketplace All Nippon Airways (ANA) and is also working on a metaverse travel experience to integrate passengers' flight histories into their digital avatars. The NFT marketplace features aviation photography, digital collectibles, and more on the Ethereum blockchain. 🌟🎉

So, what are your thoughts on Web3 loyalty programs? Have you come across any other interesting examples?

Let's embrace the future of loyalty together! 💪🚀

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