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My Story

In 2019, while living in Singapore, I discovered my true passion: blockchain technology. It has since become my Ikigai—my reason for being. Dedicated to driving Web3 innovation, I've spent the last few years crafting memorable brands and nurturing vibrant communities in this space.

I've contributed to nearly 30 diverse projects, from DeFi platforms to NFT marketplaces, making a tangible impact in the blockchain arena. My participation in major industry conferences and frequent engagements as a Web3 speaker have allowed me to share insights, influence trends, and forge connections with fellow innovators.


My mission revolves around helping companies and individuals grasp the essence of blockchain technology and identifying tailor-made solutions for them. I specialize in guiding traditional brands through their transition into Web3, utilizing what I refer to as "Web2.5 solutions" alongside comprehensive educational programs. Through consulting and advisory roles, I have supported numerous Web3 projects, bridging the gap between innovative tech and practical, real-world applications.

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Empowerment Through Education

Education and advocacy are pillars of my approach. By lecturing at universities, speaking at conferences, and hosting in-house sessions for brands, I aim to demystify Web3 and advocate for its adoption. My efforts are geared towards lowering the entrance barriers to the Web3 world, employing "Web2.5 solutions" as a bridge for the uninitiated. This educational outreach is vital for fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Web3's potential.

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Some Projects

- enVoy DeFi: Marketing Strategy and execution, rebranding and $VOY prelaunch

- Fayre Labs: Marketing Strategy and execution, rebranding, Marketplace Launch, Fayre Academy & $FAYRE launch

- RCD Espanyol: GTM, NFT Collection Cool Pericos launch and Web3 pills to educate their audience.

Videos: 1 - 2 - 3- 4

- IPA: GTM, NFT Collection Launch 


Portfolio available upon request. 

I envision a world where Web3 reshapes our digital landscape, offering control, ownership, and a new level of empowerment to individuals and communities alike. My ambition is to be at the forefront of this transformation, advocating for a Web3 ecosystem that is inclusive, decentralized, and accessible to all. This is not just a professional goal, but a personal commitment to building a more equitable and connected world.

BMBWeb3: Driving Mass Adoption

The adoption of blockchain technologies is imperative for companies aiming to maximize their potential in the evolving digital landscape. With this foresight, I founded BMBWeb3—a platform dedicated to accelerating the mass adoption of these technologies. BMBWeb3 serves as a beacon for brands and individuals alike, offering the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to navigate the complexities of Web3 with confidence.

BMBWeb3's Four Pillars:

1. Web2.5 Solutions

We guide traditional brands into Web3, offering Web2.5 solutions that enhance user experiences and create new revenue streams. Our marketing tools make the transition smooth and beneficial.

2. Marketing Services

Our team provides strategic marketing for Web3 companies, from brand development to campaign execution, ensuring they connect effectively with their audience.

3. BMB Academy

BMB Academy offers diverse blockchain education, from one-year programs to one-day workshops, plus customized training for companies and universities. Our speaking engagements and short courses are designed to quickly bring individuals and organizations up to speed with Web3, ensuring they're equipped for success in the blockchain space.

4. Events and Networking

BMBWeb3 Events connects conference organizers with our community, offering promotional support, event organization, and speaking services to foster meaningful industry connections.

I am proud member of

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Join the Web3 Revolution with me and let’s innovate together in the Web3 space. 🚀✨


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